How to Hire the Perfect Graphic Designer

Written by Wild Lotus Media on April 11, 2015

If you run a successful business, you may reach a point where you can’t make your own designs for your business. From a logo to business cards and even signage, there is a lot of design work to be done all for one business. When that time comes to outsource, how do you find the perfect designer for your needs? Here are a few tips.


1) Inspect Their Portfolio

A designer’s portfolio represents them and speaks better than they can about what they do. When picking a designer,

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5 Common Flyer Design Mistakes

Written by Wild Lotus Media on March 27, 2014


Flyers are a great way to advertise your business. Whether is it a brick-and-mortar store or an online business, passing out flyers can be informative for those who receive them and drive customers to a business. In order to get the best response from your flyers, you should avoid these 5 design mistakes.

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5 Examples of Unique Business Cards

Written by Wild Lotus Media on February 2, 2014

Your business card is only good if it is memorable. One way to differentiate your card from the millions of other cards out there is to make it as unique as you can. Not sure how to to be different? Here are 5 great examples of how to make your business card stand out from everyone else’s.

Change the shape.
The average business card is a standard rectangle 3.5 by 2 inches. Make it bigger, smaller, or any other shape and you will definately be different.


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How Color Can Affect Your Business

Written by Wild Lotus Media on January 17, 2014


Color is a powerful statement in the business world. From strong reds to calming blues, your color(s) should be chosen wisely when it comes to your logo or brand. Most emphasis is put on what the logo looks like, not what color it is.  Color has a meaning all it’s own and can make your customers feel a certain way before they even learn anything about your product. Here are the most popular colors and their different meanings.

Red – Passion/love, blood, strength, and high energy. Red draws a lot of attention and should be used when making a bold statement.

Orange – Adventure, optimism, fall (the season),  and enthusiasm. Orange is a relatable color and comes off as a very warm color.

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The Basics of Designing a Timeline Cover for your Business

Written by Wild Lotus Media on January 15, 2014

Screen shot 2013-08-24 at 12.29.42 PM

The interface is the first thing that your potential customers see on social media sites, such as Facebook. This includes your profile photo, your posts, and most importantly, your timeline cover. If you are taking care of your own graphic design for your business, you should know how to design the perfect timeline cover.

Start with the right size

851 (width) x 315 pixels (height). Only use this size or larger! If you chose to use a larger image, Facebook will ask you to drag and correctly position the image. It is best practice to use the recommended size. This way, nothing will get cropped out, stretched, or distorted. You know exactly what will show up on it and will not waste extra image space.

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