4 Ways to Increase your Reach & Engagement

Written by Wild Lotus Media on May 11, 2014

Facebook has been decreasing the amount of people that see your posts. If you are an older page with a lot of fans, you’ve most likely felt the effect in full force. I have over 7,000 fans, but the average amount of people who actually see my content is about 100. That’s only 1.5% of my audience. I do think what Facebook is doing is total BS! Here are 4 ways to try to overcome their new algorithm and get a higher reach and engagement rate.

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1) Advertise to Help

This is what Facebook ultimately wants

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Review: Are Facebook Ads Worth It?

Written by Wild Lotus Media on April 12, 2014

I’ve been pretty upset lately with how slow my Facebook business page has been. Over the past year, my posts seem to reach less and less viewers. I have over 7,000 likes, but every post only reaches 100 people, which is only 1.5% of my viewers. That is absolutely ridiculous, so I tried to improve things and get seen more by placing a few Facebook ads. Here are my results…

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The Basics of Getting More Likes

Written by Wild Lotus Media on February 20, 2014

Likes are more than a number. They are the people who will see your posts and may turn into your potential customers. Stick to these tricks in order to get more Facebook likes on your business page.

1) Invite your friends

Invite your friends and tell them to invite their friends. This is very effective if people are always spreading the word. Check out this code to invite all of your friends¬†and don’t be shy when it comes to asking others to help.

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How to Add Ratings and Reviews to your Facebook Page

Written by Wild Lotus Media on January 23, 2014

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Ratings and reviews can be a powerful tool for your Facebook page. If you have high ratings, it is proof that you do great business. Great reviews read by potential customers could turn them into solid buyers. You might have noticed that some Facebook pages have them, and some don’t. In order to have your fans review and rate your page, follow these simple steps.

1) Change your business type to “Small business” or “Local business”
Screen shot 2014-01-23 at 5.50.19 PM

Go to your page and click

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The Basics of Designing a Timeline Cover for your Business

Written by Wild Lotus Media on January 15, 2014

Screen shot 2013-08-24 at 12.29.42 PM

The interface is the first thing that your potential customers see on social media sites, such as Facebook. This includes your profile photo, your posts, and most importantly, your timeline cover. If you are taking care of your own graphic design for your business, you should know how to design the perfect timeline cover.

Start with the right size

851 (width) x 315 pixels (height). Only use this size or larger! If you chose to use a larger image, Facebook will ask you to drag and correctly position the image. It is best practice to use the recommended size. This way, nothing will get cropped out, stretched, or distorted. You know exactly what will show up on it and will not waste extra image space.

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How to Bring Success to Your Facebook Page

Written by Wild Lotus Media on January 7, 2014

If you’re starting a Facebook business page for the first time or if you have an established page with not so many likes, there are many ways to bring your Facebook page to life. As of this year, there are over 54 million Facebook pages, which means more competition for you to be seen in the average user’s newsfeed. How do you get your page to stand out from the rest?

Post often.

Internet users are flooded by information from every different direction. It is very easy for your posts to get lost in the mix of the average newsfeed. The secret to staying on top of someone’s feed is posting, and posting often. I post on my page about 4 times a day. It is best practice to post at least once every two days. This way you will not be forgotten and fall into the category of “abandoned pages”. Post up-to-date content and keep everything fresh and new. After a few weeks, you can mix it up by cycling through older content while posting brand new information. Some content that you consider “old” may be brand new to someone who did not see it before, so don’t be afraid to repeat your content. Just remember to not post too often, as it will come off as spam. Users will get sick of your content and unlike your page quickly.

Post different content.

Don’t be afraid to change up your content. You might see the most views from

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