4 Ways to Increase your Reach & Engagement

Facebook has been decreasing the amount of people that see your posts. If you are an older page with a lot of fans, you’ve most likely felt the effect in full force. I have over 7,000 fans, but the average amount of people who actually see my content is about 100. That’s only 1.5% of my audience. I do think what Facebook is doing is total BS! Here are 4 ways to try to overcome their new algorithm and get a higher reach and engagement rate.

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1) Advertise to Help

This is what Facebook ultimately wants all pages to do in order to be seen by all of their fans. They want money and they are not being shy about it. Every post has an option to be “boosted”, or you can run a general advertising campaign for your page. I’ve tried advertising and my results can be found here. I think advertising should be used as a tool every now and then to help you. You shouldn’t depend on advertising, unless you’re willing to spend serious bucks. It does help every once and a while to increase your post’s reach, which then get your overall reach up. When your overall reach is up, your posts are more likely to be seen.

2) Share Popular Content

Facebook notices popular and viral content. I’ve noticed this with my last few posts when I’ve shared another page’s photos. If I  share someone else’s posts with say, over 500 likes and over 100 comments, this definitely helps the post get seen. Follow popular pages similar to yours and share their content if it’s been popular. You can also share motivational quotes and photos, which tend to be popular on almost any page.

3) Don’t Share Your Own Content and Post New

Before Facebook’s new algorithm came into effect, I often shared my old photos and content to help them get seen again. Usually this worked, and I was able to get some likes on every share. If I do this today, it almost never gets seen. Facebook doesn’t like to see the same content over and over again. So avoid sharing your own stuff. Instead, post new content. It could be the same as your old, but with a little twist. If you post brand new photos and such, they are definitely going to get seen more than resharing your old content.

4) Encourage Discussion

Having users constantly engaged with your page will help. Any like, comment, or share you can get will help your page overall. I’ve heard that the new rule is any user that likes or comments on at least 3 things will see your page in their newsfeed. I have no idea if this is true, but it definitely helps. Ask people to like a status. You can hold fun contests and giveaways, promote good content, and ask questions to your fans.

Have you noticed any other trends or rules when it comes to getting your posts seen? Leave a comment and let us know! Stick to the basics and know that a little goes a long way when it comes to getting your posts seen again. It is a frustrating road for many Facebook pages, so be sure to balance your content on other social media sites.

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