5 Examples of Unique Business Cards

Your business card is only good if it is memorable. One way to differentiate your card from the millions of other cards out there is to make it as unique as you can. Not sure how to to be different? Here are 5 great examples of how to make your business card stand out from everyone else’s.

Change the shape.
The average business card is a standard rectangle 3.5 by 2 inches. Make it bigger, smaller, or any other shape and you will definitely be different.


Make it 3D.
Print materials for businesses are often 2D and flat. Add an extra plane and you’ll really pop out.

Cut it out.

Die-cut cards are very exciting. They create a fancy illusion with negative space. They are bound to be looked at twice.


Make it Textured.
If people feel something that doesn’t feel like an average paper business card, you’ll throw their senses in for a loop. Embossed cards can come off as special and exclusive.


Make it transparent.
This seems to be a popular trend for photographers that use a camera and see-through “lens” area on their card. It can be very eye-catching and creative. A transparent business card looks different on every surface is it on.


Do your business cards follow any of these examples? If you need new cards or a new card design, I can help. Fill out this contact form to get a special deal on custom business cards that stand out from the rest.

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