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What I Learned In My First 2 Years of Starting an Art Business

During college, my first job was a henna tattoo artist at Universal Studios. It was a very fun and rewarding job. We got paid commission, which taught me to hustle if I wanted a decent paycheck. I was essentially drawing on people during my shifts and getting paid for it. …
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Why I Left JustHost Web Hosting

When I was in college in 2013, as a web design major, I decided it would be a great idea to start a portfolio website. I designed it and built it, but then needed to pick a host. I read tons of reviews, articles and compared different hosting providers myself. …

Why you should start a person or business blog
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Why You Should Start a Personal or Business Blog

Blog. Blogging. Blog post. It seems like every day more and more people are creating blogs. They are slowly taking over the internet and are the future of how we communicate. If you have yet to create your own blog or do not think you may need one, here is …

Screenshot of Wild Lotus Media's new website
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New Site Launch // Perfection is the Enemy of the Artist

My new website is FINALLY LIVE after a few years of messing around with a new e-commerce store for my own artwork and services. I never set a launch date, never really focused on the details, and became obsessed with it being “perfect”. I was working towards a forever moving target, …

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4 Easy Steps to Make Money as an Artist

As an artist, I often talk to other creative minds and discover that most of them struggle. They don’t struggle with the fact that they can make amazing, beautiful things, but they cannot grasp the concept that they can live of off their creations. Many people think it is impossible to …

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How to Pick The Perfect Social Media Network for Your Business

Social media is everywhere nowadays, which is a reason why more business owners are turning to it to promote their brand and find more customers. But, how do you use social media to your full advantage to reach your target audience? In order to benefit your business, it’s crucial to use …

How to Choose a Graphic Designer
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How to Hire the Perfect Graphic Designer

If you run a successful business, you may reach a point where you can’t make your own designs for your business. From a logo to business cards and even signage, there is a lot of design work to be done all for one business. When that time comes to outsource, …

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5 Branding Mistakes Small Business Owners Make

If you own a business, it’s up to you to manage everything to make sure your business is successful. You might know that the devil is in the details when it comes to how your business looks. I’ve seen many things go wrong when it comes to branding a business. …

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Post Summer Update

It’s been a long time since I’ve written a new post. Every time I come up with new ideas for a great blog, I find myself procrastinating like crazy then I become busy with other things in my life. Between working my first full-time job at Scientific Marketing Services, moving …

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How to Gain Loyal Customers Forever

A good business is all about your customers. A lasting business has it’s foundation built on loyal customers. The difference is how often your customers will come back to you. Loyal customers are also great because they will help refer people to your business and get you more customers in …

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Business Cards: Vistaprint vs. Morning Print

When it comes to business cards, there are plenty of options when it comes to getting them printed. There’s a huge selection online of companies that will print them, with tons of options to enhance your cards. Here is my review of Vistaprint and Morning Print.

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4 Ways to Increase your Reach & Engagement

Facebook has been decreasing the amount of people that see your posts. If you are an older page with a lot of fans, you’ve most likely felt the effect in full force. I have over 7,000 fans, but the average amount of people who actually see my content is about …

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Freebie: Sunset Mobile Wallpapers

Enjoy this set of 6 mobile wallpapers (640×1136) of sunsets on the beach! Click each photo to view then tap and hold it to download to your phone. Photography taken by Melissa McDermott. They are made to fit the iPhone 5, 5s and 5c perfectly. For other phones, they may …

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Review: Are Facebook Ads Worth It?

I’ve been pretty upset lately with how slow my Facebook business page has been. Over the past year, my posts seem to reach less and less viewers. I have over 7,000 likes, but every post only reaches 100 people, which is only 1.5% of my viewers. That is absolutely ridiculous, …

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5 Common Flyer Design Mistakes

Flyers are a great way to advertise your business. Whether is it a brick-and-mortar store or an online business, passing out flyers can be informative for those who receive them and drive customers to a business. In order to get the best response from your flyers, you should avoid these 5 design mistakes.

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The Basics of Logo Design

1) Keep it simple Keep everything about your logo simple. Try not to use more than 3 different fonts, colors, or styles in one logo. Your line work should be simple. No text or images should be too small. It shouldn’t be bogged down with microscopic details or flooded with …

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The Basics of Getting More Likes

Likes are more than a number. They are the people who will see your posts and may turn into your potential customers. Stick to these tricks in order to get more Facebook likes on your business page. 1) Invite your friends Invite your friends and tell them to invite their …

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3 Things You Need to Invest in Your Business

Investing in your business is one of the most important things you can do for your business. You should take time to invest not only money, but time and knowledge for your business. Treat it to some TLC in these three areas and you will see that it will be …

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5 Examples of Unique Business Cards

Your business card is only good if it is memorable. One way to differentiate your card from the millions of other cards out there is to make it as unique as you can. Not sure how to to be different? Here are 5 great examples of how to make your …

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12 Quotes from the “Dean of Personal Development”

Earl Nightingale is a motivational speaker and one of the leading figures in personal development. As a former radio broadcaster, his talks and writings are found in many self-improvement libraries. Enjoy this video, which is one his top selling spoken word records “The Strangest Secret.” After the video, you can …

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How to Add Ratings and Reviews to your Facebook Page

Ratings and reviews can be a powerful tool for your Facebook page. If you have high ratings, it is proof that you do great business. Great reviews read by potential customers could turn them into solid buyers. You might have noticed that some Facebook pages have them, and some don’t. …

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FREEBIE: Motivational Wallpapers

After reading a good book, I found myself inspired by self-confidence building quotes. Enjoy these 7 free desktop wallpapers, each with their own powerful message. They are sized 1280×1024 and in .PNG format. Download the WallpapersDownload the Wallpapers Want more free goodies? Check out our free timeline covers!

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How Color Can Affect Your Business

Color is a powerful statement in the business world. From strong reds to calming blues, your color(s) should be chosen wisely when it comes to your logo or brand. Most emphasis is put on what the logo looks like, not what color it is.  Color has a meaning all it’s …

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The Basics of Designing a Timeline Cover for your Business

The interface is the first thing that your potential customers see on social media sites, such as Facebook. This includes your profile photo, your posts, and most importantly, your timeline cover. If you are taking care of your own graphic design for your business, you should know how to design …

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5 Branding Tips to Stand Out From The Crowd

As a company, great branding is a secret to being remembered. You want people to remember your logo, your colors, and (of course) your  name. Here are 5 tips to help you stand out with your branding. Think of your business as a person and write it’s life story. This …

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10 Great Quotes on Innovation

If you stay motivated, you’ll keep up the innovation. Enjoy these quotes to get into gear and create something epic. “If you want something new, you have to stop doing something old.” – Peter F. Drucker “Innovation is taking two things that already exist and putting them together in a new …

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How to Bring Success to Your Facebook Page

If you’re starting a Facebook business page for the first time or if you have an established page with not so many likes, there are many ways to bring your Facebook page to life. As of this year, there are over 54 million Facebook pages, which means more competition for …

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5 Reasons Why Your Business Cards Suck

Business cards are a staple to a business. They are handed our at networking events, thrown in with orders, and sometime even sit on your office desk. They are only printed and made so that they can be passed on to a potential client or customer. So now that you’ve …

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After months of coding, designing, and getting feedback, Wild Lotus Media’s website is finally live! It was a true struggle trying to represent my business brand, Wild Lotus Media, while representing myself as a person and designer. By being so connected to my content, I wanted my portfolio site to …