Business Cards: Vistaprint vs. Morning Print

When it comes to business cards, there are plenty of options when it comes to getting them printed. There’s a huge selection online of companies that will print them for you, with tons of options to enhance your cards. I am a huge fan of VistaPrint. You can even get an advantage account and save 40% all year round. After ordering my first business cards from VistaPrint, I switched it up and decided to see how Morning Print would do them. Here is my review of each company.


Vistaprint – The check-out process was very easy and straight-forward. I uploaded a custom design and it was easy to see how it would look on a card. They allow standard options when it comes to card type, such as different paper thickness and various finishes. Shipping time was about a week, which is pretty standard. When I ordered my cards, I selected the Premium Matte, which makes your cards non-glossy, thicker (15 pt/130 lb stock)  and more durable.

Morning Print- Their check-put process was nice. They explained their paper types and options pretty thoroughly. They have many more card options than Vistaprint, such as die-cut or plastic PVC cards. I ordered a custom design on Premium Paper business cards, selecting the Silky Matte option, which makes your card smooth and thicker than their standard card (at 9pt thickness).  Shipping and processing time was very fast, at only 3-4 days.


Vistaprint – The custom design I ordered came out perfect. The cards were very, very thick. When I went to tack my cards on some pinboards, I’ve broken the thumbtack, because even a few cards were so thick. The colors came out quite nice, not so bright but they definitely stood out amongst other cards, due to the paper quality.



Morning Print – My custom design I uploaded came out very nice. The cards were pretty standard, but did not come out as thick as VistaPrint’s cards.  The colors and graphics were great and looked excellent. Overall, they look very nice.

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When it comes to price, Vistaprint has this one in the bag. Their total for 250 cards was $16.49 (which includes a paper stock upgrade) and free shipping. Vistaprint always has coupons and sales available to get your cards very affordable. They even run commercials claiming you can get free cards.

Morning print’s prices were okay. The only reason I used the site was because I had a 20% off coupon. With the coupon, their total was $27.84, and the shipping costs about $12. The shipping is a high price and all of the cards costs more than Vistaprint.


Both sites have business cards, but Morning Print has more of a variety of different types. You can really impress your customers or clients if you order die-cut or plastic business cards. Even though Vistaprint doesn’t have as much of a selection when it comes to custom business cards, they are better when it comes to price and value. I plan to order my next cards using Vistaprint, due to the benefits of using their company.

Need custom business cards designed or made? Contact me for a free quote on cards, or view the cards I’ve made for past clients.

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