I can’t stand having the same ringtone as everyone else in the world, so I decided to make my own. This is a collection of unique ringtones that I’ve made over the years. Some were made for my old shitty keyboard a few years ago, while some where made yesterday for my new iPhone. Either way, if you listen to underground hip hop, please enjoy these free jams for your phone.

Atmosphere – “In Her Music Box”

Atmosphere  – “Puppets”

FELT – “Ricci Outro”

FELT – “Suzanne Vega”

Twiztid – “Smoke Break”

I’ll be adding more as I make them, so check back occasionally for new ones.

I’ve tested these for my iPhone 4s and they work fine since they are .m4r. To install on your phone, just drag the file to your iTunes, upload them to your phone via sync, and they should appear in your ringtone list. If you have any technical issue, please read this tutorial or e-mail me at WildLotus@mail.com.

Note: I am in not affiliated with any of the artists or songs mentioned above. Please do not alter, sell, or make profit of these under any circumstances. You may share the direct link to this page or redistribute MP4 files accordingly, but please give credit back to this site. Thank you and enjoy. 🙂

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