How Color Can Affect Your Business


Color is a powerful statement in the business world. From strong reds to calming blues, your color(s) should be chosen wisely when it comes to your logo or brand. Most emphasis is put on what the logo looks like, not what color it is.  Color has a meaning all it’s own and can make your customers feel a certain way before they even learn anything about your product. Here are the most popular colors and their different meanings.

Red – Passion/love, blood, strength, and high energy. Red draws a lot of attention and should be used when making a bold statement.

Orange – Adventure, optimism, fall (the season),  and enthusiasm. Orange is a relatable color and comes off as a very warm color.

Yellow – Happiness, sunshine, joy, energy, and freshness. Yellow is good in small amounts and often associated with the sun.

Green – Nature, health, money, growth, and safety. Green can promote creativity and healing, and is overall a calming color.

Blue – Nature, trust, heaven and conservativeness. Blue is often associated with the sky and the sea, and is more of a serious color.

Purple – Royalty, magic, luxury, femininity, and children. Purple can come off as expensiveness, but a brighter color can relate to children.

White – Purity, perfection, innocence, simplicity, and openness. If white is used correctly, it can make mean exclusivity.

Black – Power, elegance, evil, death, and mystery. Black can make something seem heavier or can come off as trendy.

What is the most dominant color when it comes to your branding? Did you incorporate any color meaning into your logo? If you need help with picking out the right color, contact me for design advice.

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