How to Bring Success to Your Facebook Page

If you’re starting a Facebook business page for the first time or if you have an established page with not so many likes, there are many ways to bring your Facebook page to life. As of this year, there are over 54 million Facebook pages, which means more competition for you to be seen in the average user’s newsfeed. How do you get your page to stand out from the rest?

Post often.

Internet users are flooded by information from every different direction. It is very easy for your posts to get lost in the mix of the average newsfeed. The secret to staying on top of someone’s feed is posting, and posting often. I post on my page about 4 times a day. It is best practice to post at least once every two days. This way you will not be forgotten and fall into the category of “abandoned pages”. Post up-to-date content and keep everything fresh and new. After a few weeks, you can mix it up by cycling through older content while posting brand new information. Some content that you consider “old” may be brand new to someone who did not see it before, so don’t be afraid to repeat your content. Just remember to not post too often, as it will come off as spam. Users will get sick of your content and unlike your page quickly.

Post different content.

Don’t be afraid to change up your content. You might see the most views from text posts, but the average user does not want to read text posts 24/7. On Facebook, it is vital to utilize the different type of content that they allow to be posted. Post photos, videos, links, text, etc. It also helps to share other pages and their content. Cross promotion is a great way to get different users to see your content and vice versa. Mixing it up with your post types keeps everything fresh and exciting for your user. When things are new and different, you are more likely to get remembered.

Don’t forget your audience.

Keep all of your content relevant to your audience. Scope out who your target user should be, and be specific. How old are they? What do they do for a living? When are they online? What do they like to see? The more questions you ask about your audience, the more you will know them. If you know them in and out, you’ll know exactly how they think, which can bring more engagement and success to your page. Your page should cater to who is looking at it most. If you know your audience and post for them, things will come together for your page. It is okay to experiment and post irrelevant content every now and then, but you must keep in mind who is viewing your page and what they want to see.

Post interactive content.

Users are more likely to remember you and engage in your posts if you make it interactive and fun for them. There are many ways to get your users posting and sharing your content. Ask simple questions on your page. Post “This or That” statements,  fill in the blank questions, or “Caption This” images. Hold giveaways or contests. Use images or articles that inspire people. You can also post content that stays up to date with today’s trends, which most people can relate to. Posting interactive content may be a risk. It might not always be engaging on the first try. Don’t be afraid to mix it up, try different things, and see what works best for your unique Facebook page.

Have patience.

Not all pages are successful overnight. Having a successful page takes time, and time requires patience. It takes time to build likes, post a lot of content, and get your page out there. It takes serious time for the users to realize that you are serious about your page. Users will notice that you have been around for a while and you aren’t going anywhere. The longer your Facebook page is actively running, the more trust users will have in you. Great things need effort and time. If you put in the effort everyday to your page, great things will happen if you just sit back and wait.

Post a link to your Facebook page in a comment below or at my Facebook page ( If you have any tips for success, please share them with me! I have over 7k followers but am always looking to see what works for others.

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