How to Hire the Perfect Graphic Designer

How to Choose a Graphic Designer

If you run a successful business, you may reach a point where you can’t make your own designs for your business. From a logo to business cards and even signage, there is a lot of design work to be done all for one business. When that time comes to outsource, how do you find the perfect designer for your needs? Here are a few tips.

1) Inspect Their Portfolio

A designer’s portfolio represents them and speaks better than they can about what they do. When picking a designer, you want to look for a big portfolio. If they only have done a few things, they might be starting out or can’t get clients, which is a red flag. After you see that they have a good number of design experiences in the past, look for the quality. The designs should look complete, not rushed, and should each stand out on their own. Lastly, you can critique their style, depending on what you are looking for. For example, if you want something eye-catching, find a designer that goes the distance in terms of big, bold designs. There are plenty of designers out there, so you will definitely find one to fit your needs perfectly.

2) Check Out Their Website

All professional graphic designers have a website. Check it out and inspect the quality of the designs on the site itself. If it is a little on the plain side, they might want you to be focusing on their work. You’ll get a feel for their personal branding, which might transfer over to how they do each project. You may also be able to learn more about them through their website, which is always useful. If they have a detailed website, which lists prices and their unique design process, you may be able to trust them a little more than someone with a very vague website.

3) Analyze Their Past Clients

Who have they worked for in the past? Big brand names indicate high quality design work, but may also mean that they will charge big bucks. If they have small local businesses that they have worked for, they might only want to work with other local businesses as well. Do they have a variety of clients? If not, does your business fit in with the businesses they have worked for in the past? These are all things to keep in mind when you are looking at their past clientele.

4) Ask Them Questions

After you have a good feel for who they are and think they can handle your unique design project, ask them questions. Get to know how the designer works and their skill set. It’s also good to know their prices, timeframe, and what you’ll be getting in the end. If you are happy with their answers and have a good feeling about them, don’t hesitate any longer to hire them! They might just be able to help you out on more than one thing in the future.

Have any other questions about hiring a designer? If you have hired one in the past, how did that experience go? Don’t forget that I am always available for graphic design work, feel free to contact me for more information.

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