New Site Launch // Perfection is the Enemy of the Artist

Screenshot of Wild Lotus Media's new website

My new website is FINALLY LIVE after a few years of messing around with a new e-commerce store for my own artwork and services. I never set a launch date, never really focused on the details, and became obsessed with it being “perfect”. I was working towards a forever moving target, which was tiring to keep up with. So, I sucked it up and set a “soft” launch date for a month ahead. I promised myself that even if it wasn’t totally ready, I was launching it. No more procrastination, no more delays, and no more excuses.

Well, that day is finally here and I hope everyone loves it as much as I do. A lot of thought and love went into it. But already, I want to change a few things, like adding tiny features and more content.

I’ve learned a lot while working on it. The main thing being that it is so easy to work on other’s art and quite challenging to work on your own. Often, designers are too involved with our own projects. We are a culture that’s obsessed with total perfection and expect nothing less from ourselves. So, I found myself questioning my every move and was thinking if it was good enough. I have a typical artist mindset, which is to be obsessed with details instead of the main picture. I thought I was ready to go live, then all of a sudden, I noticed every flaw and wanted to fix every single one of them.

How could I release something that wasn’t perfect? Well, that was the thing. I would never reach my idea of perfection, so I made a choice. I had to get it out there, because it was doing me no good just keeping it to myself. I finally wanted others to see it, no matter if there were some small things still un-done. So, I decided on a soft launch date then just pushed it live on February 7th.

It takes forever to make your own website or personal project because you only see the flaws and want to keep working on them. Just accept how it is and push it out into the world where it belongs.

For me, 2017 was a year of taking a step back and really gaining perspective at my own life. I learned how to really hold up a mirror to myself, which led me to see everything a little bit clearer. As the year came to a close, I was able to really see myself for how I was, instead of how I projected myself to be. I realized I am not being as productive as I could be and something snapped. I had to get my website up and push my business further.

Life isn’t about being perfect, it’s about starting somewhere then evolving into something bigger and better. This website is my personal masterpiece to represent all that I create. It is the on-going sculpture of my life, forever to be molded and perfected as I learn and grow.

What do you think of it? Leave a comment below and let me know your honest thoughts.

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