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A new website isn't done after it launches. It needs excellent advertising & promotional work to reach it's full potential.

Digital Marketing

Wild Lotus Media - Professional Digital Marketing Services in Southern New JerseySearch Engine Optimization (SEO)

After your website launches, it needs to be sent to search engines to be found by more people. In every website we make, we do basic SEO, which includes titles, meta descriptions, code/link structure, image tags, and copy with optimized keywords. We scan websites with Google’s Search Console to find any errors and send your Sitemap.xml file directly to Google to make sure it’s going to be seen. We can run a variety of tests on your website to make sure it’s SEO is performing at it’s best.

Social Media Management

We can create social media pages for your business to help you gain maximum exposure for your business. If you already have them and are not sure what to post, we can help! We can create image, text or link posts and schedule them in advance to keep your social media active and alive. It can be used to promote business activity, events and more. Whatever your goal is, let social media work in your favor.

Digital Ad Campaigns

We can help with social media advertising, Google search ads (formerly PPC ), or remarketing campaigns to help you get more customers or leads. We can create custom landing pages to help reach your goals or promote your products. We analyze how the campaign is working through data and keep adjusting and making improvements, to be sure you that you’re getting the best results.

E-mail Campaigns

We can create beautiful emails that reach your customers directly. Whether they come from an offline list at a trade show or sign up directly at your website, we’ll be sure to help grow your e-mail list to reach your full potential audience. E-mail campaigns can help promote specific products, bring awareness to sales or discounts or even grow your leads and customer base. Contact us today to get a free quote on your advertising goals.

Website Management

Need to make website changes or updates? Want to post on your blog to make sure your website stays high in search results? We can help! We offer affordable rates to make changes or add content. Don’t be dragged down by an outdated website with old information. Review it regularly and make sure its accurate for its visitors.

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