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Social media can be a never-ending flood of content and a river of information. If you have a business page, it’s important to post often to stay relevant and stand out in people’s feeds. However, posting very often can use up most of your ideas when it comes to what to write about or even be overwhelming when looking at what everyone else is posting. If you’ve run out of ideas or would like to brainstorm some new ones to freshen up your business page, here are nine topics you can write about today.

About You or Your Business

What’s New With You

Your customers or potential customers want to hear about you. It’s important to post about your own business to show that you are alive and thriving, even if it happens to be a slow period. So share some information about your products or services, your staff, and what is going on at your company. Different images of products, things that are coming soon, or even orders that are in the works are some good ideas to start with. You can always re-post the information that’s on your website or, instead, take a unique twist and give them a behind-the-scenes look at how things are done. How unique you’d like to be is all up to you.

Upcoming Events

Facebook and Instagram are great ways to find out about local events. Personally, I find out about new events through Facebook all the time, and at one point, I had even synced their calendar with my phone’s calendar to remind me of things I wanted to go to. So, be sure to use social media to share your company’s events, local events related to your field, or even sales and discounts. It’s a great way to spread the word – even if it’s not a local in-person event.

Get Personal (but not too personal)

Social media is all about people. It’s about the users in the community, so don’t be afraid to share some personal things going on. Of course you are a business, but you’re not a team of robots. Posting personally every once in a while shows that there are people behind it. It will make you more relatable and it helps people emphasize with you to build trust. You can share some photos of your pets, your hobbies, life stories or anything else that is going on in your personal life. You may not want to post everything you are eating for each meal or photos of you on vacation (unless this is part of your business), so remember to keep in mind security and oversharing. When you do post personal, the rule of thumb is to keep it interesting to your audience.

About Your Field

Related News & Happenings

It’s important to show your viewers that you are paying attention to what’s going on in your field. It helps build trustworthiness and also shows that you are part of your community. You most likely already know what’s going on since it’s your business after all, but if not, you can browse the topic on Twitter or an industry news website to see what’s going on. If there are events, such as conventions or expos, let people know – even if you won’t be there. Your audience might want to know about them anyway.

Helpful Advice

The “hacks” section of social media is huge. Everyone has tips and tricks about everything and anything. So why not be a part of it? You can give advice on the field you are in or even topics that aren’t super related if you think it is helpful for your audience. This is a good way to show that you are not all business and can come across as a real person who means well. People will trust you a little more if you are trying to be helpful.

Reposts & Shares

Don’t forget to share posts from other businesses, too. Posts that can relate to similar businesses are worthy of sharing yourself. Don’t repost an image without credit and be sure to repost or share it correctly. It gives the original poster credit and also notifies them that you shared it, which can make them curious as to who you are. If you do it often enough, it’s a good way to network and build virtual business friends. Reposting popular posts can also be more popular than if you were to post something yourself, so be sure to check out popular pages and see what has a lot of engagement.

Keep It Fun


Take a break from the strictly business posting and spruce it up for the holidays. This can be posts on the actual day celebrating it or be posts leading up to the day, which can range in a variety of topics. Holidays are well-known and a common ground for most people, so it’s a good way to relate to your audience. You can also lookup unique days of the year and post those as well. These fun and quirky mini-holidays can help break up a dull feed.

Viral Posts

Remember the ice bucket challenge? It seemed that everyone had their own unique take on it. A lesson can be learned here, no matter how silly that the challenge seemed. You can take advantage of whatever is going viral and be a part of it. TikTok is a great example of this, as that is what makes their app so popular. Don’t be afraid to be silly and loosen up. Some of the quirky ideas that I’ve had on a whim have had more traction. If you don’t want to make viral content yourself, you can always just share the original video or post, too.

Humorous Posts

Don’t lose sight of what social media is for in the first place – entertainment. It’s good to take a break and just have fun when it comes to your posts. You can repost funny things in your industry or make your own posts that are loosely related to your niche. Silly jokes or offbeat posts are good every once in a while to boost your engagement. If you are creative with coming up with unique posts, you even have the opportunity to go viral, which will increase business big-time.

Don’t forget that it’s only social media. Try to use all of the tips above to help with your posts. The more variety you have, the more you can experiment and analyze engagement and reach impressions. Always keep in mind what your audience wants to see and you’ll succeed. Don’t forget to be unique, post often and most importantly, have fun!

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